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About Our Site

We’re building a community of veterans, outdoor enthusiasts and businesses to support our mission and provide natural therapy through outdoor excursions and adventures. In return, we’ll share some stories, swap some goods, and help each other’s business pursuits.

Registration is free for all, but we also offer subscribed membership options for access and participation in some site features. For just a small monthly contribution, you can become part of our AVOA Squad of support!

Ways to Participate

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Return the Favor

Our community of vets and non-vets look for ways to strengthen the circle of support.

As a member, you are invited and encouraged to promote your business or service in our AVOA Online Shop so favors continue to be returned.

Online Shop

Our online shop is the place where members can offer their goods and services for sale to the community.

AVOA subscribed members and veterans can apply to become a “vendor partner” to sell or auction their goods – and all site visitors have unlimited shopping and LIVE auction access!

Auction Your Stuff

There’s good stuff we want to sell or maybe goods for which we’d like to boost sales – but the competition to get your auction noticed online is daunting.

AVOA subscribed members and Veterans can submit their goods to be featured in our online auctions viewed by a target audience of interested people. Proceeds that exceed reserve price go 100% to fund AVOA efforts – so everybody wins!

AVOA Social Media

Growing concern over challenges and issues faced by our vets makes Social Vet Squad a great place to share and socialize.

AVOA subscribed members and veterans are encouraged to follow us on Facebook and participate in upcoming events, fund-raisers, outdoor excursions, and other activities! Get involved and join the Social Squad today!


Earn Points

We will blatantly bribe members of the community to help us grow!

AVOA subscribed members and Veterans earn points automatically for sharing their site link with others and a host of other activities. Points can be redeemed for AVOA logo products and the leaderboard shows the current TOP 20 members. We turn supporting Vets into a friendly competition! Oh yeah, we’re that determined 🙂

Outdoor Adventures

Any Veteran can apply to participate in scheduled outdoor adventures. We host a variety of excursions and, while we wish all could participate, space is limited. We cover 100% of Vet’s participant lodging, food, gear, equipment and sometimes travel costs to attend. The only requirement to apply is to register and become a member.

- Bill Coomer

Founder & CEO, AVOA

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