Veterans, non-Veterans and Businesses are invited to join the growing AVOA website! Join the private AVOA Social Squad and communicate with a growing community that has one thing in common – gratitude for your service.

Americans who accept the responsibility to “return the favor” are often unsure how to best lend their support. AVOA founders know that building a “community of support” while tapping nature’s healing properties can have profound positive effects. So AVOA is reaching out to outdoor enthusiasts, businesses and caring individuals to help build a community of support. JOIN TODAY and be part of the squad!

Outdoor Excursions

Apply to join us on scheduled hunts during fall and spring seasons. Fishing trips are planned during spring, summer and fall. Outdoor events such as Jeep Meet-Ups and Cookoffs show up on the schedule in-between. There’s always time to have some fun, get back to nature, and explore how we can help with issues anyone in the group may be having. The most important thing is to participate!

Social Squad

As vets, we’re aware that social media is not the place to seek advice or assistance for many issues. That said, there is comfort in the ability to reach out to those who can lend a hand. We’ve enlisted the services of a webmaster to create our AVOA Social Squad to keep our communications private when sharing and supporting. Register now so you can join the conversation!

Biz Directory

There are tons of business and companies that support veterans with discounts and special services. To make it easy for AVOA members to do business with these patriots, our webmaster is building a custom AVOA Biz Directory. Reach out to businesses who support veterans and invite them to subscribe and feature their company in this awesome resource.

Our organization provides outdoor excursions and services to Veterans at no charge.
Support our efforts to help us return the favor to our Vets!

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Patriotism is one of the top three reasons people give for joining the military, according to national recruitment statistics. Joining the military is probably our country’s oldest and most dangerous act of public service. Injuries sustained while serving, both physical and mental, can last a lifetime. Yet the United States has a less-than-stellar record of assisting its veterans. The suicide rate for veterans ages 20-24 is estimated to be as much as two to four times higher than the national average for civilians. Iraq and Afghanistan veteran suicides may actually exceed the number of combat deaths. Dealing with the stress of life after service is often viewed as a weakness by those who lack understanding – a sad reality that causes even more suffering.

Some vets have trouble eating, sleeping, working, talking to their spouses, interacting with their kids – and sometimes they just have trouble navigating the quagmire of paperwork to obtain their VA benefits. We are well aware of the issues faced and realize what can be valuable help – because we are vets ourselves. AVOA board members, supporters, volunteers, staff, and sponsors are dedicated to providing assistance in appreciation of the sacrifices veterans have made on America’s behalf.

This website is offered as a portal to allow us all to effortlessly provide assistance. While there are many avenues to get help, some are never given the proper guidance to find it. We hope you will lend your time to either subscribe as a member and interact with veteran members, volunteer for an AVOA event, list your business in the directory, sell or auction your products, buy products in the online shop, or make a donation of goods or funds to support our efforts. Regardless of the level you choose, it is all so very much appreciated.

– Bill Coomer, Co-Founder